Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Upcycled Fashion Show....

I am very excited to show you my progress on upcycling my spring and summer wardrobe. I have had so much fun doing this and I have at least a million more swimming around in my head. It really does keep me up at night. I haven't been to bed before 2am for the last week. I am going to have to split this into two posts because I didn't realize how much stuff I made. Yay. So I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear feedback and comments from you. 

Look #1

Vest: thrifted from Goodwill. You might recognize it from the Tea Dyeing Tutorial.
Top: from a soft yellow tee shirt donated by my father. Since this photo was taken I have lowered the neckline just a bit.
Skirt: (sorry about the wrinkles) Target find from late last summer. I LOVE this skirt because as you can see it is so versatile. I wear it as a top as well.

Look #2

Dress: (Again sorry about the wrinkles. I do own an iron, I promise) I it got two years ago at Old Navy. I liked it but it was orginally a creamy linen color. It was pretty but it totally washed me out so I dyed it a light purple color. I cannot wait to wear this.
Shrug: Repurposed an old Target tee using a version of this tutorial posted on Cut Out and Keep
Scarfy/Necklacy thing: Made from the remnants of 3 or 4 other tee shirt projects. I saw them lying in a pile on the floor and I really liked how they looked. This is one of my favorite accessories. I have more at my Etsy shop. Come by and visit...I know, shameless plug but hey, its my blog.


Top: Upcycled tee based on a tutorial found in the book Generation T: Beyond Fashion by Megan Nicolay. It's on the front cover of the book but I modified it just a bit.
Skirt: Another Target skirt from last season that does double duty. Sweet.
Shrug: Made from thrifted tee from Goodwill. 
Necklace: Quite possibly my favorite piece of jewelry with the exception of my wedding rings. This was made by my friend Angie at Cherry and Violet. She is an awesome jewelry designer over at Etsy and I implore you to check out her stuff. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every piece and you will too.

Look #4

Top: White tank from Target who knows when...they just seem to multiply in my closet like rabbits. I must have at least five.
Cardigan: This is one of my favorite pieces and yes, its from Target. I love the buttons especially and because its yellow...I love all things yellow.
Skirt: This was an ankle-length broomstick skirt that I got last year in the Macy's Junior department. I never have been one to wear really long skirt because I am short and I think that longs skirts make me look shorter. I was right, this skirt never looked right on me so I chopped it in half and used the bottom to make a dress for my little girl. I know I'm lame, I made a mother-daughter outfit...whatev.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for part two next week.

Check out this awesome website for all things Etsy!!!


  1. You have some AWESOME ideas, Steph! You really know how to make upcycling work. I'm definitely going to check out your tutorials!

  2. Stephanie,

    Lovely and fun wardrobes! Cherry and Violet's jewelry is the best too! Have several of her pieces and another one on the way.

    Wish you the best!

  3. Look at you, so clever with the t shirts! Love your style and your accessories. Everything looks like fun!