Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I'm Loving- Yellowness

I have really been drawn to yellow things lately. Yellow is an awesome color. Think of how many cool things are yellow. You have the sun, lemonade, baby chicks and all of this cool stuff I found over the weekend.  Enjoy!

Ecouterre: Grain's Colorful "Chi-Chi" Textile Necklace
I am torn between actually buying these and trying to make them myself.  They are for a good cause but I love to figure out how to make things.  

Makeitandloveit Tutorial: Girls Shirt- Pleated/Ruffles
I love this tutorial and it is super easy.  I am thinking of making a grown-up version for myself.

Freshly Picked: Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorial
This is by far the quickest I have made a skirt ever.  I found the elastic at Hancock Fabrics but you could also use the wide elastic from another skirt or even some old pajama pants.

Angelbot: Stacey Spacey- Little Big Head 

I just really like this because both of my best friends are named Stacey...

Thanks for reading. My Upcycled Fashion Show: Part 2 is coming on Wednesdays so see you then.


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