Monday, March 15, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

So I am on day 83 of my No New clothes resolution and so far so good. You can read about my resolution here. I have not cheated and believe it or not I haven't really wanted to. I have sworn off all unnecessary trips to Target and the mall which has helped tremendously. That being said, I am having waaaaay too much fun reviving my long hidden creativity.

I joined the ranks of stay at home/work from home mothers a little over a year ago and have found my attitude regarding fashion changing. Before I had Monkeyfeet (aka my darling child), I was really into fashion and had time in the morning to perfect my look before I set off on my day. I loved shopping and could spend hours at the mall or my favorite boutique. As I am sure most of you know that ALL CHANGED after I had Brynn. For the first year of her life and really even while I was pregnant, all I cared about was if it was comfortable, if I could nurse in it and if it could camouflage baby spit.Then suddenly, she was 14months old, I was finished nursing, I had lost "most" of the baby weight and I had more than five minutes to shower and get dressed. I started shopping again but I found that had totally lost interest. I felt out of place in even my most favorite stores. I felt too young to wear the ubiquitous "mom wear" but too old for the junior-ish styles that I was drawn too. I love Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters but since giving up my full time job and thus its full time salary I had a very limited budget to work with. So I gave up for a while totally disheartened. Then I had my epiphany-come New Years resolution and my fashion spirits were lifted. I could recreate all my favorite looks for much, much less using what I already had (eco-friendly ) and it would give me creative licence to make it my own.

So now I am hard at work on my spring/summer wardrobe and will be posting the full "collection" hopefully by the end of this week but I did want to give you a sneak peek. I am using a combination of patterns I have had for years, new patterns and surprisingly a few ideas of my very own. I have been holed up in my crafting lair (yes that's what I call it) almost every night for the last few weeks and I feel a little crazy at times. I talk to myself, cuss out my sewing machine and drink lots and lots of coffee but it is my special time and I love it.

Sneak Peek....

This was a thrift store find and man was it lame. However finding a print jersey is a coveted prize (at least to me) so I made it mine.

After a little refashioning....

Now it just needs to be warm so I can wear it. Sigh....



  1. Well, you can wear all that spring stuff on your trip to Texas!! Jealous! (this is Amy)

  2. what an awesome transformation, i want to be you when i grow up.

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  4. Just want to say that your stuff is excellent and its a real pure beauty.